Areas of Expertise

Raabo Kommunikation has experience with a broad range of public relations assignments, but within certain areas, we have the insight and competences that make us particularly qualified.

Foods – ethics and security
Even the strongest brands get vulnerable when there is a crisis. Therefore prevention through dialogue with politicians and consumers is important. Genetic engineering, mad cow disease and salmonella are some of the critical themes Raabo Kommunikation has handled for Danish and international companies.

A dynamic work environment
The work environment faces a number of great challenges in the future: for example integration of immigrants at the workplace, an increasing number of senior staff and a more humanistic approach to technology. Communication and dialogue is often effective tools in working with these challenges.
Raabo Kommunikation has a lot of experience and insight in the Danish work environment. We have carried out campaigns at regional and national level, developed new tools for dialogue and had the responsibility for large analytical projects. 

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